Lisa Fischer-Summers Interview


Lisa Fischer-Summers is a Social Work student at the University of Manitoba, and currently doing her work placement at St. Raphael Wellness Center.

Josh: So, what drew you to social work? 

 Lisa: What drew me into social work was the aspect of being able to help people, and honestly you can do a lot with the degree which I never knew until I started it. And I really like where it can take me in life.

 Josh: And where can you take your social degree?

 Lisa: You can honestly do a lot the major thing that social work I guess is perceived to be with is CFS. So you can be: a CFS worker, you can be an EIA worker, you can work for not-for-profits, an outreach worker, a probation officer, you can be a counselor. The possibilities really seem endless actually.

 Josh: Okay, and are you in work placement now? Classwork?

 Lisa: I have one class, I have a criminal justice class and I’m at practicum three days a week at the St. Raphael Wellness Center

Josh: What is the St. Raphael Wellness Center?

 Lisa: The St. Raphael Wellness Center is a place for people who have addictions and they provide counseling and they provide a variety of counseling.

 Josh: And was addiction what you wanted to help people with most? Or was it domestic issues?

 Lisa: So I am fascinated by the addiction part of it, I’ve done a lot of training with AFM, and it’s been wonderful. It’s not my main interest, but I am interested in it but yeah domestic violence is an interest of mine as well.

Josh: What is AFM?

 Lisa: AFM is Addictions Foundation of Manitoba, and so they work with basically lots of places in Manitoba just educating people about addictions

 Josh: Do all social workers have to get program training through AFM?

 Lisa: No, that’s just something that my placement wanted me to take. Some practicums have training sessions that you go to, I know last year when I was at the West Central Women’s Resource Center I went to a CCEDNET conference and everything like that, so it just depends on where your placement is and what they want you to learn.

 Josh: So would you ever go to say an institution or a clinic that deals with domestic violence?

 Lisa: Domestic violence I am interested in. I think it’s, it’s interesting because it’s a systemic and a personal, it can be seen on all kinds of levels.

 Josh: Kind of like a whole wide spectrum

 Lisa: Like an ecosystem.

 Josh: Oh wow

 Lisa: Yeah! And that’s one of the theories that we use to analyze domestic violence, that it’s an ecosystem so you have your micro and your macro.

 Josh: What is the micro? 

 Lisa: So the micro is just basically like: individual relationships, or relationships you would have with friends and family, and then also including your relationship with your partner and everything like that. And even with work and stuff like that, so what that person individually does throughout their day.

 Josh: And does that, their day-to-day routine play a big part into say their addictions?

 Lisa: Okay we’re going back to addictions? Yeah for sure, if you let’s say grew up in an abusive home where there was drinking all the time, there was drugs, there was people around there, that’s what you know. How do you take that person out, without any repercussions?

Josh: Well Lisa, thank you for the interview

Lisa: Thank you



Without Knowledge

Here is my first CreComm blog post challenge. Hope you enjoy!

The pod cracked open slowly. I lazily pulled myself up. I looked around the room. I think I’m alone. I stepped down, and my footstep echoed. I must have slept 200 years. I kept walking through the building. I looked into every room I passed. I couldn’t believe they were all empty.


I pushed open the front doors. I stepped outside. I saw no billboards, no advertisements. I saw a woman standing alone. I walked toward her. I put my hand on her shoulder. She turned to look at me. I asked her multiple questions. She looked more confused after each one. I asked her about world affairs. She gave me no answers. Frantically I ran down the street. I turned down random streets. I kept believing I would find something. I hoped I would find anything. I ran another block then stopped. I gasped for air. I never saw a newsstand.


I calmed myself, and kept walking. Everyone I saw looked content. I live in a world without news. I worked as a reporter. I told the world evil lurked inside. I broke families apart. I held the guilt. I destroyed lives. Now, I’m living without knowledge. I can let my guilt go. But, people need to hear the news. Otherwise we will not learn. I will be like them, unburdened.


I stopped and stared at the passersby. You want to be like them. You know you want to be happy. The realization hits me. I want no more guilt. I give up. I want to be happy. I’ll live with not knowing. I’m going to be ignorant.


But I’m going to be happy.blogpost1