Bowman changing the team, why is it news?

Today’s front page story for the Winnipeg Free Press is “Mayor bounces dissidents from cabinet”

The article is about Brian Bowman removing two councillors, Janice Lukes and Jeff Browaty from his executive policy committee. They have been replaced by Scott Gillingham and Cindy Gilroy.

What makes this story news-worthy is its proximity and impact. This is a change-up that can impact Winnipeggers in many ways, one of the most prominent being the growth fees that Bowman has proposed and have since been passed.

The growth fees have been controversial with many people lobbying against them, believing that adding more fees to new buildings would hinder the city more than it would help.

What made the editors give this story front page attention would be it’s impact. The changing of Bowman’s committee members, who opposed the growth fees could lead to some becoming suspicious that he’s removing committee members that disagreed with him, despite appointing Gillingham who also opposed the fees.

Executive policy committee members also get information from city administration before other non-members which can lead to major shifts in policies as Gilroy and Gillingham adjust to their roles.


The link to the article can be found here




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