The Write Stuff

The week’s challenge is to recommend a Twitter/blog for fellow CreComm students that I think would be helpful.

I choose The Write Practice.

The blog has free articles on four major topics: short stories, characterization, grammar, and interviewing. It also features a $15 standard and a $25 premium membership that includes additional training, weekly deadlines and critiques, and coaching calls.

Each of the free articles come with an exercise near the bottom of the page you can try after reading about our poor friend the semicolon, or how to tell less and show more, and even the seven words we should break-up with to be better writers. So, if you want to hone your skills, the site gives you some additional practice.

The articles are a short read too, so if you ever need a refresher on a certain grammar concept, or how to make your villain during a night of multiple revisions it won’t take up a lot of your time.

So, if you have a spare minute from our mountain of assignments, check out The Write Practice!




Author: joshuahouston38

Hello! My name is Joshua Houston. I am currently a Creative Communications student at Red River College. In my free time I enjoy: playing guitar, ukulele, and chess. Feel free to contact me via twitter: @JoshAHouston

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