Without Knowledge

Here is my first CreComm blog post challenge. Hope you enjoy!

The pod cracked open slowly. I lazily pulled myself up. I looked around the room. I think I’m alone. I stepped down, and my footstep echoed. I must have slept 200 years. I kept walking through the building. I looked into every room I passed. I couldn’t believe they were all empty.


I pushed open the front doors. I stepped outside. I saw no billboards, no advertisements. I saw a woman standing alone. I walked toward her. I put my hand on her shoulder. She turned to look at me. I asked her multiple questions. She looked more confused after each one. I asked her about world affairs. She gave me no answers. Frantically I ran down the street. I turned down random streets. I kept believing I would find something. I hoped I would find anything. I ran another block then stopped. I gasped for air. I never saw a newsstand.


I calmed myself, and kept walking. Everyone I saw looked content. I live in a world without news. I worked as a reporter. I told the world evil lurked inside. I broke families apart. I held the guilt. I destroyed lives. Now, I’m living without knowledge. I can let my guilt go. But, people need to hear the news. Otherwise we will not learn. I will be like them, unburdened.


I stopped and stared at the passersby. You want to be like them. You know you want to be happy. The realization hits me. I want no more guilt. I give up. I want to be happy. I’ll live with not knowing. I’m going to be ignorant.


But I’m going to be happy.blogpost1


Author: joshuahouston38

Hello! My name is Joshua Houston. I am currently a Creative Communications student at Red River College. In my free time I enjoy: playing guitar, ukulele, and chess. Feel free to contact me via twitter: @JoshAHouston

5 thoughts on “Without Knowledge”

  1. This story definetly brings up the question: “Would society, and the individuals that make up society, be better if we did not hear about the seedy underbelly that is business and government.” In other words – what is better? Humans being free willing and accepting on the dark monster? Living in oblivion? Or knowing the real truths? In turn, ultimately being more aware of the dark undeworld and being less content with society and practices?

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